Canada replaces environment minister, pledges to get greener

As part of a major cabinet shakeup, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has replaced oft-criticized Environment Minister Rona Ambrose with former Treasury Board head John Baird, acknowledging that his government needs to greenify. “We’ve clearly determined we need to do more on the environment,” Harper said. “Particularly when it comes to clean air and climate change … Canadians deserve a lot more.” Motivated by the prospect of a federal election against ultra-green Liberal Stephane Dion and by polls showing that Canadians consider the environment the country’s top issue, Harper “basically admitted [his previous stance] was a mistake,” said a member of parliament. All eyes are now on Baird — including those of First Lady Laureen Harper, whom the new minister escorts to functions when the PM’s outta town. Baird “is a great guy, he is fun to be around, he looks good in a tux, and he is a great date,” she said yesterday. “He is also a lover of felines.” Oh, sometimes it’s just too easy.