Bush won’t slash subsidies for raise taxes on oil companies, but he’s happy to raise taxes on hikers and campers. But I’m sure Grover Norquist will hold him accountable for this apostasy.

Reeling from the high cost of fighting wildfires, federal land agencies have been imposing new fees and increasing existing ones at recreation sites across the West in an effort to raise tens of millions of dollars.

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Additionally, hundreds of marginally profitable campsites and other public facilities on federal lands have been closed, and thousands more like overlooks and picnic tables are being considered for removal.

“As fire costs increase, I’ve got less and less money for other programs,” said Dave Bull, superintendent of the Bitterroot National Forest here in Hamilton. The charge for access to Lake Como, a popular boating destination in the national forest, will be increased this year, to $5 from $2.

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Since they’re explaining this as fire-related, I’m sure Bush will charge the logging companies responsible for the fires for the damage they’re doing to our forests and grasslands.