The other day, I had some not very complimentary things to say about the Wall Street Journal Eco:nomics conference. (Summary: no booze.) And earlier today I had some even less complimentary things to say about a WSJ editorial. (Summary: propagandistic lies.)

So I want to take this opportunity to point out something at WSJ that most decidedly doesn’t suck: the WSJ Environmental Capital blog.

It’s not written with the same, um, opinionated flair (hey, you wanna call it some thing else, get your own blog) as this blog, but I don’t know of a blog going that is more comprehensive and information-rich on the subjects of energy and the environment. I’ve come to take it for granted, but really it’s somewhat odd that a mainstream paper like WSJ — especially with its rightward leaning editorial stance — supports writers like Keith Johnson and Jeffrey Ball who really get into the details of green finance, technology, and policy, and do so with accuracy and understanding (rare enough on any blog!).

When you think about it, it would be much easier for WSJ, and probably get them more traffic, to do something gimmicky and vapid like National Review‘s Planet Gore. Instead they’ve created something that’s a real value-add for policymakers and other opinion leaders in this space.

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So kudos, WSJ! Now don’t screw it up.