I forgot some of the coolest (and breaking) news!

At my panel earlier today, Bill McKibben "pre-announced" something exciting: On Nov. 3, a year before the presidential election, he will be organizing Step It Up 2: Revenge of the Nerds. OK, I made up the title, but not the news.

At the first Step It Up, McKibben’s Army asked that people gather in places likely to be affected by climate change.

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For Step It Up 2, people will be gathering in places that commemorate great moments of American leadership: think Mount Rushmore, MLK Jr. High School, Washington Monument, etc. The goal is to push politicians to be leaders, not politicians.

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This round of marches is going to have a bit more political meat on its bones. It’s going to ask politicians to sign a pledge with the following four planks:

  • 80 percent cuts by 2050.
  • 10 percent cuts in three years (hit the ground running).
  • No new coal.
  • Aggressive green jobs campaign. Train people to deploy the renewables we already have.

Naturally, the no-new-coal plank is the most significant, and probably the biggest hurdle.

Anyway, look for more news on this soon. But you heard it here first!

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