CNN is calling Nevada for Clinton and Romney. South Carolina is still going, but early reports tell of a Huckabee surge.

UPDATE: NYT sez of Nevada: Clinton 51, Obama 45, Edwards 4 (ouch); Romney 53, Paul 13, McCain 13, Thompson 8, Huckabee 8, Giuliani 5 (ouch).

UPDATE: Buzz has it that Clinton won by overwhelming margins among Hispanics, and Obama won by overwhelming margins among blacks. Polling shows a similar dynamic in upcoming states. That’s good news for Obama in South Carolina, but very, very bad news for Obama on Super Tuesday, when the Hispanic vote will be substantially larger. I’m told Southern whites are largely against him as well. So much for post-racial politics.

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UPDATE: Right: Obama won Nevada blacks 80 to Clinton’s 16; Clinton won Nevada Hispanics 64 to Obama’s 24. Overall turnout in Nev. was enormous.

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UPDATE: Duncan Hunter — remember him? — is out of the race. The world mourns.

UPDATE: McCain pulls out a narrow victory in South Carolina, with 33 to Huckabee’s 30, Thompson’s 16, Romney’s 15, Paul’s 4, and Giuliani’s 3 (losing to Paul!). There are lingering issues about effed up voting machines, FWIW.