Humanity has apparently given up on inventing new forms of junk food, and is instead nesting existing forms inside one another like some kind of hideous fast food Turducken. I was on vacation when the mini-cheeseburger crust pizza happened, so I was blissfully spared awareness of that until today, but I did not miss the hot dog stuffed pizza or the Double Down or the “everything KFC makes layered into in a sort of nightmare lasagna” … thing. This trend was always bound to end in greasy, greasy tears, and thanks to this video, we know that those tears will fall upon cinnamon buns topped with mashed potatoes, gravy, cheeseburgers, and taco shells.

I didn’t want to laugh as hard as I did at this video, which relies heavily on butt jokes — I mean I like a good butt joke, but this kind of the Double Down of butt jokes. Like, two butt jokes enclosing a fart joke (as they tend to do). But if you can hold it together through the list of side effects at the end, you’re a better person than I am, and you should treat yourself to a F*ck You Pizza on me.