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Earthquake, hurricane, Fox acknowledging the existence of climate change: This is definitely the End Times.

Fox & Friends — you know, the same show where people were just freaking about SpongeBob SquarePants indoctrinating children to be global warming zealots — have acknowledged that when Jon Huntsman says that climate change exists, the facts are on his side.

Clayton Morris: If you dive into the weeds a little bit on this global warming thing, you see that it seems that facts are certainly on Huntsman’s side on all of this and fact checkers have come out, and we’re actually having our own brain room look at this right now and any of Perry’s comments don’t seem to hold a lot of water.

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What? They have a “brain room”? Is there anything in it?

Fox isn’t completely off form. For starters, they misrepresent Michele Bachmann’s bonkers claims about gas prices; they say she proposed to get gas taxes, not gas prices, down to $2 a gallon. Thanks, brain room! And, true to form, they’re ferociously dismissive of climate change as something to be concerned about at all — they say it’s “last on the list” of things people are concerned about. (Was that true two weeks ago, when Fox & Friends had weatherman Joe Bastardi on to prove that global warming could not exist in a universe with completely different laws of physics and chemistry? Come to think of it, that earthquake was probably Newton turning over in his grave. Which is apparently in Richmond.)

Host Clayton Morris has the definitive take on the subject:

Morris: But it doesn’t matter because what’s resonating right now in South Carolina is helping governor Perry tremendously and he fired back at Huntsman on global warming and it’s gaining traction, facts or not.

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Oh, so voters care about global warming now, three seconds later? “Gaining traction, facts or not” — that could basically be Fox & Friends’ slogan!

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