The Obama administration provided a loan guarantee to a SolarCity project that would put solar panels on 160,000 military homes — "the largest domestic residential rooftop solar project in history," Energy Secretary Chu said.

Rick Perry thinks he's a smart as Galileo. Or at least that some climate-denying scientists are.

So he’d be pretty irked to see yet more evidence that global warming is real, if he actually read newspapers.

As temperatures shift in the Andes, residents are looking to hardy crops, like huaña, that Andean people depended on historically.

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The president of Kiribati, an island nation scheduled to succumb to rising oceans, has an idea for how to save his people: build a $2 billion floating island. We suggest naming it New Atlantis.

No one really knows how to determine if that Virginia nuclear plant is safe to start up again, after the earthquake shook it. But they're trying to figure it out!