Oh look — America's most-read liberal just devoted an entire column to climate change, or should we say climate weirding. It's nice to see the talking points we feed you, our climate hawk minions, repeated so succinctly in a national forum. There were even a few new ones we hadn't thought of yet:

[H]ere is the Texas governor rejecting the science of climate change while his own state is on fire — after the worst droughts on record have propelled wildfires to devour an area the size of Connecticut. As a statement by the Texas Forest Service said last week: “No one on the face of this earth has ever fought fires in these extreme conditions.”

Remember this New Yorker cover?

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Now just replace that Texan with another, fast forward to about 2014, and make Texas' drought even worse than it is now, so severe that parts of the state literally start to shut down. We can't believe we didn't think of it first.

Oh, and Friedman also points out that this whole scandal over funding a certain recently failed solar company is mostly hand-waving, and what we really need is a price on carbon, not that we're going to get one. The entire column is worth a read.