The only thing that stands between us and eating fish riddled with genes that some dude spliced together in the lab is the Office of Management and Budget. The FDA has finished its evaluation of genetically engineered salmon and recommended that the fish be commercialized.

The GE fish grows fast and big, which means more fish for all of us. But it also could have worrisome impacts on the environment, because it's a fish that we programmed in order to bend its entire existence to our will!

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It probably won’t interbreed with regular fish. The GE salmon is supposed to be sterile, and although farmed fish often escape, supposedly they are quickly eaten, since they are raised fat, happy, and unaware of the fierce competition of nature. Still, that’s a lot of ifs.

The one thing that is sure is that we're taking one big step towards trying to control everything around us. Our plants are already genetically modified, now the fish … soon, we could just be messing with the insides of everything.

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