Cute. Fox News is trying to discredit the IPCC before its latest report’s even out.

This wind turbine, which looks kind of like a kitchen strainer, has 30 blades, makes less noise than the three-blade models, and is more energy efficient.

As climate change sets in, some animals will get smaller, but some will grow.

In Maryland, reducing emissions won't mean losing jobs, according to studies commissioned by the state’s Department of the Environment.

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Will climate change mean wine drinkers will have to trade in California pinot noirs for California barberas? (That's an Italian grape, which does better in heat.)

Chris Jordan photographs birds who have died after filling up on plastic from the North Atlantic Garbage Patch. The photos are hard to look at, but they made Jordan a runner-up for the Prix Pictet, a sustainability and photography prize.

Asteroid! Right ahead!

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