[vimeo 40000072]

Nine-year-old Caine didn’t build his home arcade out of cardboard because he wanted to recycle — he did it because he likes arcades, has access to a lot of boxes, and is a DIY genius. But you can’t help but be inspired by his innovative remaking. And you definitely can’t help but be a little thrilled when a local filmmaker drums up a huge flash mob to come make Caine’s arcade dream a reality.

That said, check out his face at like 8:23. That’s a face that says, “bitches, I have to crawl inside these machines and make the tickets come out by hand, do you think I have time to do that for 200 hipsters?” Still, if Caine sold every one of these enthusiasts a $2 Fun Pass, he’s learned his first lesson about what conscientious reuse can do for your personal finances. And, more importantly, he’s building his nest egg for future entrepreneurial ventures. Can’t wait to see what he comes out with next.