Sweden’s No. 1 burger chain got rid of its kids’-meal boxes and, contrary to expectations, sales of the meals rose. Apparently parents who are facing the prospect of their children scrabbling for survival on this wrecked cinder of a planet don’t like creating needless trash? At least in Sweden, anyway.

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Max Burgers has gone “Klimatsmart!” in other ways, including green roofs, company-wide reductions of energy consumption, and offsetting 100 percent of its carbon emissions by planting trees in Uganda, reports Sonia Van Gilder Cooke at Time. Result: The chain has boosted customer loyalty and doubled its market share.

Max has even taken the unusual step of trying to nudge customers toward its vegetarian options by showing them that the beef version of its burger leads to five times as much carbon emissions. Sales of non-beef burgers went up 16 percent.

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This may or may not work in the U.S., where surveys suggest consumers are interested mostly in whichever foods will accelerate their headlong rush toward diabesity.