Food prices jumped 3.9 percent in February, the largest one-month increase since November 1974. It’s turtles all the way down: Grocery prices are up, wholesale food prices are up, prices for staples like corn and grain are up. Here’s a few things you won’t be affording in the future:

  • Bacon. The retail price for bacon went up 17 percent. Will this make Etsy sellers shut up about it? Maybe we can engineer a drastic price increase for mustaches.
  • Bananas: Is that a banana in your pocket, or is it NOTHING? Before bananas go extinct they’re going to make us go broke — prices have jumped 21 percent.
  • Beer. You’re going to have to deal with this sober: Droughts in Russia made the price of barley inflate by almost 50 percent.

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Eating’s Pricier,” The Daily

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