Still on the fence about trying some edible insects? This video from Quest might just give you the nudge you need. In it you’ll meet several entomophagists (bug-eaters), including Monica Martinez of Don Bugito, a taco stand we covered last fall.

You’ll also hear compelling evidence for insects as one answer to feeding a growing population. As one scientist puts it: “Cows and pigs — they’re warm-blooded. When they eat, they have to actually waste a lot of energy producing heat. Insects are cold-blooded. I mean that in a good sense. They don’t have to maintain their body heat, so when they eat they don’t have to waste energy, they convert that into protein.”

The video takes us into the kitchen of a serious bug connoisseur as she prepares roasted figs with sautéed grasshoppers and bee larvae (the “bacon of the edible insect world”) — and manages to make the dish look surprisingly appetizing.

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