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  • Libya is overrun with locusts

    Libya is maybe not in the most stable political situation right now. And don’t tell Ron Paul, but when the central government is out for the count, maintenance services tend to break down. One of the things that’s fallen by the wayside in this time of political turmoil? Pest control. Which means parts of Libya […]

  • ‘Bitter Seeds’ documentary reveals tragic toll of GMOs in India

    A new film offers an intimate look at the lives of farmers who become so mired in debt growing genetically modified seed they take their own lives.

  • Livestock handouts in Africa: More complex than you’d think

    Ankole-Watutsi cows are quickly being replaced in Rwanda by high-producing breeds. While the latter are an important strategy to combat hunger, the author worries about the loss of a cultural icon, not to mention biodiversity.It’s the giving time of year again, and if you feel like everyone in your life already has too much stuff, […]

  • End the Coal for Carbon Credits Scandal

    The Sierra Club and CDM-Watch first broke the coal for carbon credits scandal occurring at the United Nations offsetting mechanism (the Clean Development Mechanism CDM) associated with the Kyoto Protocol back in July. If you’re unfamiliar with CDM – here’s a definition from the UN: The CDM allows emission-reduction projects in developing countries to earn […]

  • The World Bank Still Can't Quit Dirty Coal

    This column was co-written by Justin Guay of the Sierra Club International Program. As the New York Times recently reported, coal plants don’t come dirtier than the Soviet-era relics currently in operation in Kosovo. Despite the terrible pollution these plants spew, the World Bank has decided the only option for this young country is to […]

  • International: The UN Clean Development Mechanism's Growing Coal Scandal

    When is the last time you were paid for NOT showing up for work? Or better yet, got a bonus for doing the exact opposite of what you’re supposed to? That’s exactly what the backers of massive coal projects are asking the Clean Development Mechanism Executive Board to do when they apply for carbon credits. […]