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  • Instead of cleaning up lake, dumbasses dye it blue

    Lake Delton, in the Wisconsin Dells, has been looking a little like your mom: hard-used and fungusy. Algae overgrowth gave the lake a greenish cast, and made it appear less-than-healthy to swim in. The solution, according to the company that maintains Lake Delton: Just dump a whole lot of blue dye in there and call […]

  • Lake Michigan has become unfishable

    While lobster fishermen in the Long Island Sound are stubbornly — but just barely — hanging on, people who depended on the fishing stock in the Great Lakes for their livelihood can no longer make it. Lake Michigan is a "liquid desert," reports Dan Egan in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Even the most devoted fishing family Egan can find is sending one of its own up to Alaska, because "he can catch more fish in one day in Alaska than he can catch all winter off Milwaukee."

  • “Follow a Drop of Water” photo contest winners

    Taunton River in Bridgewater, Mass.Photo: Corrie Collin Water covers 70 percent of the Earth’s surface, but chances are there’s a body of water close to home that’s also close to your heart — a fjord that strikes your fancy, a beautiful bayou, or a river that gives you shivers. Grist asked our Facebook fans to […]

  • Ohio Coal Plant Linked to $30m in Annual Economic Damage

    This post was co-written by Nachy Kanfer, Associate Field Organizer for the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign in Ohio. We regularly dispute Big Coal when they say coal is not bad for the environment – now we have another example of how this dirty, outdated power source is costing jobs and damaging the economy in […]

  • Photos of the once-mighty, now-drained Owens Lake

    Owens Lake, on the eastern flanks of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in southeastern California, was, at its peak, a 200-square-mile perennial lake. Located at the terminus of the Owens River, it held water continuously for at least 800,000 years. It is now an extreme example of the destabilizing effect of surface-water extraction in desert regions. […]

  • Power to the Pueblo

    Enviros Rejoice as Utility Drops Plan for Strip Mine in N.M. After a bitter 20-year fight, enviros and members of the Zuni Pueblo tribe had cause to celebrate yesterday, when an Arizona utility abandoned plans to build a large coal strip mine and railroad near a salt lake in western New Mexico that the Native […]

  • Forty

    • percentage by which energy consumption in developing nations is expected to grow by 2010 • percentage of written prescriptions that are either based on or synthesized from natural compounds found in plants and animals • percentage of total paper used in Germany that goes toward packaging • percentage by which one can reduce pollution […]