Sound Transit light rail train

Photo: Seattle Municipal Archives via Flickr

If you noticed this week that your bar tab was a bit higher than usual, it’s probably because of that extra shot of tequila you’re now regretting the sales tax hike. As of April 1, residents in King, Pierce, and Snohomish county started paying more for their purchases — one half of one percent more, to be exact — and that money is going toward Sound Transit light-rail expansion, improved express-bus service, and boosted capacity on commuter trains. Sound familiar? That’s probably because you marked an “X” in a spot on your November ballot labeled “Proposition 1.” (Or maybe you didn’t — but you’re still paying, sucka!) Estimates suggest the average adult will pay about $69 a year in new sales taxes — but considering your boozehound-y habits, that figure could be on the low end.

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