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Politico reports that interest groups and corporations have spent nearly $200 million on TV ads since President Obama’s inauguration to manipulate American energy policy reform. According to an analysis by the Campaign Media Analysis Group, $199.5 million was directed from January 20th to March 31st to television issue ads on energy, the environment, and climate. $54.5 million of the ads were about oil and gas alone:

According to CMAG’s analysis, between Obama’s January 20 Inauguration and the end of March, most TV ad spending was directed toward energy and the environment, which saw $115.1 million worth of ads. The next biggest targets were gas and oil issues, which were the subject of $54.5 million in ad buys, followed by labor, stimulus and budget-related issues ($41.9 million), climate change ($29.9 million), and health care ($27.5 million).

Why is corporate America on track to spend $1 billion this year on a television barrage about energy policy?

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President Obama’s clean energy agenda, like his proposals for health care and labor reform, threatens the corrupt business model of the corporate right. Closing the carbon loophole with a cap-and-trade system will create a strong, healthy foundation for our national recovery — but pollution will no longer be free for ExxonMobil, Koch Industries, and Peabody Coal. So they are trying to either block reform entirely, or — for those corporations that recognize the necessity of action — to ensure that their pollution is subsidized by the American taxpayer, through pollution permit giveaways or other handouts.

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