Pike Pub pint of beerPhoto: Scott Beale / Laughing SquidToday is Earth Day. (Whoopee?) And there’s no better way to celebrate than with a nice, cold pint of beer. No, really!

To make it truly Earth-Day-worthy, however, make sure you’re chugging buying it at Seattle’s Pike Pub & Brewery today. Why there and why today?

Seattle Greendrinks has partnered with Carrotmob to create a consumer-powered event in which 25 percent of all sales at Pike Pub today will go toward efficiency retrofits, waste reduction, and other sustainability efforts.

It’s a way to vote with your dollars, to make change by spending a little of your own on something you would have purchased anyway. But because it’s an organized, focused effort — with many, many other consumers standing in line right behind you — it actually sends a message.

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So forget about the planet’s ails and settle in for some refreshing, locally brewed ale of your own.

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.