Wind power's not entirely safe: A watchdog group warns that "one of these days, a turbine's going to fall on someone.”

The U.S. gets a C for renewable energy development from an alternative energy analyst.

Colorado's going to require fracking companies to disclose what's in their fracking fluid.

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The natural gas boom is also creating demand for silica sand.

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California's going to use the water hyacinth plant hopper, a South American insect, to control water hyacinths, an invasive species clogging the Sacramenta-San Joaquin River Delta.

Nigerian communities have to sue companies like Shell to make them accept liability for oil spills and clean the oil up.

Could the debt deal lead to a carbon tax? Maybe.

It's not aliens that create crop circles, but it's close! One culprit (in Australia) is stoned wallabies.

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