Somewhere, sometime in the past few weeks, the trilionth dollar to be invested in clean energy made its way into the budget of some co-generation plant, wind farm, solar company, or electric vehicle innovator.

To be more specific, this is the trillionth dollar to be invested since Bloomberg New Energy Finance started counting in 2004. Here's what the group's analysts know about this mysterious investment:

Like the recent birth of the world's seven billionth baby, it is impossible to pinpoint with certainty the one trillionth dollar of investment. However it is almost certain it took place during the last two weeks of November, probably somewhere in the developing world.

Yes, we don’t know when it happened or where or even if, but almost certainly somewhere probably an imaginary milestone of mostly imaginary money was reached. Despite all appearances to the contrary, that quote did not come from an Onion article.

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Okay, so the one-trillionth dollar is kind of a made-up milestone. But clean energy investment is growing, and a lot of it is taking place in the developing world. If elusive symbolic dollars convince the financial world that clean energy is a sound investment … hey, works for us.

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