At work today I received a review copy of Building the Green Economy: Success Stories From the Grassroots, which just hit the presses and looks interesting. It’s a diverse roundup of grassroots efforts aimed at stewardship and urban renewal toward a cleaner economy and greener, more just communities. Green economy superstar Van Jones is interviewed, of course, but I didn’t notice a nod to Paul Hawken right off the bat, whose pioneering books on the topic of greening the economy laid the groundwork for the idea, and whose new book, Blessed Unrest, details the incredible, ever-widening scope of the global grassroots movement for a better future (excerpt here).

I’m planning to ask him how he envisions the role of commerce in this new civil society era during a conference call I’m hosting this Friday the 5th, for the Orion Grassroots Network. If you’d like to join this conversation on the global grassroots and pitch Hawken a question of your own, the dial-in info is here.