I’m at the airport, getting ready to head out to Santa Barbara for the second annual Wall Street Journal Eco:nomics conference. (Yes, flying on planes makes me a big fat hypocrite earthf*cker — I eagerly await my NYT profile.)

WSJ Eco:nomics

The WSJ conference is interesting, mainly due to the contrasting influences of the top-notch WSJ news team and the WSJ editorial board, world headquarters for unrepentant far-right fruitcakes. So you get Al Gore and Amory Lovins, but then you also get Bjorn Lomborg and Vaclav Klaus. (Klaus gets the last word, with his session titled “Global Reality Check: From Europe to China to the U.S., how realistic is a big green push amid an imploding economy?” Anybody care to guess his answer in advance?)

In between you have an interesting mix of truly innovative and green-minded business leaders and … business leaders primarily concerned with positioning themselves to profit from whatever happens next. Thus you get sessions like the hilariously titled, “Power Play: What will keep the lights on: nuclear energy or ‘clean coal’?” Whee!

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The really big news here — and you’ll want to notify all your friends and family about this ASAP — is that I’ll be twittering from the conference.

OMG! you say. OMFG! you add. Yes, it’s true. I’ll be delving into the brave new world of 2008, because clearly the main flaws of blogging are its excessive length, depth, and grammatical exactitude!

I don’t even know enough about Twitter to tell you how to follow my twittering. But if you happen to know how, it’s all going on under the name david_h_roberts.

Again: david_h_roberts. Feel the Future!

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[Note from more tech-savvy editor: David’s Twitter feed is here. And right below.]

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