Honda ranked as greenest automaker

Of the six largest automakers selling vehicles in the U.S., Honda is the greenest, according to a new report from the Union of Concerned Scientists. Emissions from Honda’s 2003 vehicles amounted to less than half the industry average. Nissan, which ranked second, was the most improved in reducing emissions of carbon dioxide. GM, ranked last, was the only automaker whose emissions worsened in the 2003 model year compared to two years previous. A GM spokesflack pointed out that its ranking was low only because it makes bigger vehicles than the others. (As the kids say: no duh.) Meanwhile, Honda has scored a hit in the U.K. — not a new car, but a song in an ad touting its cleaner diesel engines. The catchy tune “Hate Something” — sung by Garrison Keillor, to a cutesy cartoon background full of bunnies and rainbows — has become so popular that there’s talk of releasing it as a single.