Clorox’s first entree into the green-cleaning market, released just this year, is going swimmingly so far with the $5.3 billion company on track to sell over $40 million worth of its Green Works cleaners in the U.S., according to sales figures. The Clorox Company already captures a large swath of the conventional-cleaner market with brands like Formula 409, Liquid-Plumr, Pine-Sol, and Tilex. Now Clorox is also the proud owner of the best-selling line of green cleaning products in America. Overall sales of its Green Works line have already surpassed well-known purveyors Seventh Generation and Method. However, Clorox hasn’t managed to shrink the other brands’ market share; instead, Green Works appears to be attracting buyers who otherwise would have reached for conventional cleaners. Wal-Mart is partially to blame for the brand’s strong sales — a partnership with the retailer promotes the products in-store and gives them prominent shelf space. Another Green Works sales boost came from a controversial partnership with the Sierra Club to use the conservation group’s logo on the cleaners in exchange for an undisclosed sum of money.