Cable magnate Ted Turner forms solar-energy business partnership

Remember Ted Turner? Tall fellow, gray hair, owned a lotta cable TV and a lotta land and was married to Jane Fonda? Yeah, that one. Well, he’s back, and he’s sinking some of his legendary wealth into solar technology. Partnering with four-year-old, New Jersey-based Dome-Tech Solar, the skillionaire will focus on the ray-ravenous California market. “Our future depends on changing the way we use energy,” Turner said. “We’ve got to move away from fossil fuels and develop long-term energy solutions that work. Using clean energy technologies, such as solar power, is the right thing to do, and it represents a tremendous business opportunity.” See that? Friends do let friends invest in renewables. Staffers at Dome-Tech — one of several energy-related arms of a parent company — hope Turner, who’s rechristening the company DT Solar, will provide both a financial and PR boost. “He won’t be a passive partner,” said Chief Operating Officer Bruce Curtis. Funny, that’s what Jane always said.