Bank of America announces $20 billion green initiative

In perhaps the largest initiative of its kind evah, Bank of America has announced a $20 billion investment in being all green and stuff over the next decade. The largest U.S. retail bank will use most of the moola to finance green-focused commercial clients, while also offering lower mortgage rates on energy-efficient homes, starting a credit-card program that directs bling to greenhouse-gas reduction projects, and donating to green nonprofits (ooh, over here!). The bank already offers rebates to hybrid-driving employees and is building energy-efficient offices in New York City and Charlotte, N.C. “This is intended to be good business as well as the right thing to do,” says BOA’s platitude-prone Anne Finucane. In other spendy business-greening news, Colorado’s Vail Resorts has announced plans to build a $1 billion eco-friendly mixed-use resort village. And hell, we might go out and shoot a couple billion bucks into the atmosphere, just to see if they can suck up carbon dioxide on their own.