Like the airline industry, the shipping industry objects to the E.U.'s decisions to include it in a emissions trading system.

Will the federal government be spending less on disaster response in the future? Somehow “let ‘em drown” doesn’t seem like the best possible debt reduction plan.

Australia's carbon tax, which was so hotly disputed that people were sending climate scientists death threats, would apply to just 400 of the country's top polluters.

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Hydro turbines are going into the Puget Sound by late summer 2013.

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This coming October, oil will sell for $800 a barrel — at least in fiction. (Hopefully only in fiction.) Verso is releasing I'm With the Bears, a collection of short stories about climate change, by luminaries like Margaret Atwood, T.C. Boyle, and noted extremely dishy author David Mitchell (who’s responsible for the $800-a-barrel plot).

Here are some numbers to make you feel good about riding your bike to work.

What to do when wild horses act like squirrels. (Hint: DO NOT PET.)

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