The Stranger, Seattle's alt-weekly, has had it with the nasty attacks from car-loving, carbon-spewing, anti-bike crazies. The city's bike advocates have been accused of waging a "war on cars," and after too many hours trying to defend itself, the Stranger got angry:

For cars we have paved our forests, spanned our lakes, and burrowed under our cities. Yet drivers throw tantrums at the painting of a mere bicycle lane on the street. … No more! We demand that car drivers pay their own way, bearing the full cost of the automobile-petroleum-industrial complex that has depleted our environment, strangled our cities, and drawn our nation into foreign wars. Reinstate the progressive motor vehicle excise tax, hike the gas tax, and toll every freeway, bridge, and neighborhood street until the true cost of driving lies as heavy and noxious as our smog-laden air.

Other demands: mass transit should serve the masses, and walking and biking should be safe. Maybe it is war. After all, people are dying:

Seattle spends volumes more on car infrastructure than on bicycles or pedestrians, yet [local politician Michael] Cornell has complained of the "radical agenda against cars," saying, "I call it the war on cars and the people who need them," and describing the pro-bicycle agenda as a "war waged on people who drive cars." So cyclists are all militant. They're seeking out conflict. They're specifically waging war on drivers. And… now there's an uptick in drivers killing them. Go figure.

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Actually, just go here, and read the whole thing.

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