Take three minutes out of your day to watch this absolutely beautiful short video portrait of Michael Leung, a product designer and beekeeper in Hong Kong. (It’s part of a promotional campaign for Nokia called “Success Redefined,” but don’t let that put you off.)

Leung is the founder of HK Honey:

HK Honey is an organisation of Hong Kong beekeepers, artists & designers who aim to communicate the value of bees to the human food chain & the benefits of locally produced honey. With a network of bee farms and a design studio, Michael and HK Honey harvest local honey & design products and services relating to urban beekeeping.

The film elegantly juxtaposes bees in their hives with images of the hivelike skyscrapers where people live. This is a city terribly short on green space, where awareness of food sources is nearly absent. In this context, bees are more than pollinators — they are a radical reminder of a lost connection with nature, with the potential to renew and refresh the human environment.

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Leung’s tenderness as he cares for his bees — a task he calls “almost Zenlike” — reveals the power and necessity of bringing the natural world into the urban context. Watch.

(h/t Yurbanism)

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