Hey there! It’s me. I’m back.

I’ve been away on a year-long sabbatical. I wish I could tell you I climbed mountain peaks and ran marathons, wrote poetry and split logs, sat in sweat lodges with shamans and rediscovered the Real Me. Mostly, though, I just hung out. Did some yoga. Read a lot of books. It was delightful.

As fate would have it, I wrote a piece about my year away for Outside magazine. It was published online today; I think it will be on newsstands (they still have those, right?) on Sept. 9. Here’s how it begins:

One night, late in the summer of 2012, discussion at my dinner table turned to the venerable topic of What to Be When You Grow Up. My older son, Griffin, then nine years old, wanted to be an “underwater paleontologist.” His little brother, Huck, then seven, wanted to be a monkey.