Adam Browning

Adam Browning is the executive director of Vote Solar.

Bikes for urban mobility

My current commute bike is an early-80's vintage Specialized Rockhopper. It's time for an upgrade. But ... the choices! What's the best urban bike?

Book review: 'How to Grow a School Garden'

'How to Grow a School Garden' is a practical guide to getting a school garden off the ground.

Delaware passes a state Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard while Congress passes the buck

While Congress was busy breaking our hearts and hopes for a clean energy future, guess what was happening in Delaware? Progress, that's what.

better than cat blogging

World Cup open thread

I'm enjoying the World Cup, blind refs, vuvuzelas, flops and all. But my friend Matthew -- who actually plays the game -- not so much. He argues that the game needs updating. He's got a point. Sports constantly change and …

Plan B

Oil spill got you down?  Worried that Congress seems utterly incapable of rising to the challenge of climate change?  Does the steady stream of big problems and limpid solutions have you seriously worried about the future viability of life on …

Got a clever solar slogan? Tell us!

The New York State Legislature has been debating a big solar program — the New York Solar Industry Development and Jobs Act would add 5 GW of solar to the state’s energy mix — but we’re getting to the homestretch …

We should totally nuke the oil spill

According to a Miami Herald opinion writer, one thing that’s getting in the way of stopping the oil spill is our emotional attachment to the Gulf ecosystem.  And food.  So we should nuke it.  Which is kind of like microwaving, …

Now is a very good time to impose a severance tax on oil production in California

California is in the midst of a historic budget crisis threatening public services from Calexico to Yreka. California, alone amongst major oil-producing states, charges no severance tax on oil production. This is fair why?  Discuss.

Solar: not as expensive as the WSJ thinks

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article called “Test Your Solar Power IQ,” that cites the cost of solar power at 25 cents/kWh, or more than double the cost of natural gas or coal. Solar is actually a lot …