Amy McDermott

easy breezy

Wind power is beating the pants off of other renewables.

It's growing fast in America and Europe.

Deja woo woo

A South Dakota education bill has scientists wondering if we’re headed back to the Cretaceous.

Critics worry it would lead schools to ditch lessons about evolution and climate change in favor of teaching ideas like creationism.

Food fight

Many Native Americans lack access to healthy food, but there’s a growing movement to change that

Gardening brings health and peace of mind on reservations.

sweet sleuth

Gary Taubes bites into our national obsession with sweets

And he’s not sugar-coating it.

California flooding on such a winter's day

Can Californians blame climate change for their latest weather woes?


'nuff said

For the last time, warming is not slowing down!

If you've heard that climate change is on hiatus, guess again.

Route Finder

Mexico’s climate migrants are already coming to the United States

Worldwide, populations are being reshuffled on a massive scale.

slick trick

Tired of waiting on humans, microbes cooperate to clean up our messes.

If they can do it, so can we.

what the frack

Methane emissions are racing toward nightmare status.

Atmospheric concentrations are rising faster and faster.