Amelia Urry

Amelia Urry is Grist's associate editor of science and technology, and self-appointed poet-in-residence. Follow her on Twitter.

Climate & Energy

In drought-struck rainforests, the tallest trees die first

Another reason to be mad about climate change.


Coral reefs are in trouble. Meet the people trying to rebuild them

From replanting the reefs we've lost to evolving stronger corals, humans are trying to engineer reefs to withstand climate change.


Will climate change wipe out the coral reefs? Watch an expert explain why there’s still hope

As the oceans warm, what's a coral to do? We talked to a scientist how we can save our reefs -- for real.

Business & Technology

Self-driving cars are good. Too good

Google's driverless cars: The future is here and it just got rear-ended by the present.

Climate & Energy

What is PPM, and what does it have to do with capitalism and climate change?

The nitty gritty of measuring atmospheric CO2 involves Algerian monks and Mongolian schoolteachers, and has some pretty major real-world implications.

The Novices

These first-time fishermen know all the best (and worst) parts of fishing

Andrew and Sophie never planned to be commercial fishermen -- but they tried it for a summer. Here's what they learned.

The Teacher

This scuba diver wants everyone — black, white, or brown — to feel at home in the ocean

Kramer Wimberley knows what it's like to feel unwelcome in the water. As a dive instructor and ocean-lover, he tries to make sure no one else does.


It turns out we’ve been trying to control the weather since forever

Despite all the current hype around geoengineering, our attempts to control the world's weather and climate go way, way back.

spoiler alert!

A huge, toxic algae bloom is basically eating the West Coast alive

That toxic algae bloom off the West Coast is bigger and badder than we thought -- and its messing with your seafood.