Amelia Urry

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not dead yet!

The Great Barrier Reef is still dying, still refuses to die.

It's sort of like that time the whole family said goodbye to Great-Uncle Fred only to have him show up at Christmas dinner two weeks later, wheeling an oxygen cart.

planet earth

Watch changes on the ol’ Blue Marble unfold in gorgeous, alarming satellite images.

Zoom out and it's easy to see how quickly we're changing the world.

bolt from the blue

A new satellite will save lives — with lightning

GOES-R will teach us a lot about extreme weather and our changing climate.

Vanishing Act

Um, where did all of the Arctic and Antarctic sea ice just go?

Yet another reason 2016 is not a normal year.

penguin pal

John Kerry spent Election Day in Antarctica, just like you wish you had.

Now he's back, just in time to let us know how much we have to do.

broken records

The last five years were — say it with me — the hottest five years on record.

Deja vu, all over again.

no more mystery ice, guys

West Antarctic glaciers lost more than 1,000 feet of ice in just 7 years.

Behold: an ice sheet's collapse.

Cup Of Oh, Wait

There’s hope for you yet, coffee fiends.

The devil's beans may be less susceptible to climate change than we'd thought.

eye of the storm

Hurricane Matthew was a 1-in-1000-year disaster for North Carolina.

That doesn't mean it will take another 1,000 years to see a storm like it.