Amelia Urry

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no more mystery ice, guys

West Antarctic glaciers lost more than 1,000 feet of ice in just 7 years.

Behold: an ice sheet's collapse.

Cup Of Oh, Wait

There’s hope for you yet, coffee fiends.

The devil's beans may be less susceptible to climate change than we'd thought.

eye of the storm

Hurricane Matthew was a 1-in-1000-year disaster for North Carolina.

That doesn't mean it will take another 1,000 years to see a storm like it.

Broken Record

You know the drill: 11 of the last 12 months hit record high temps.

September 2016 beat the last hottest September by a hair.

Not dead yet!

Satirist writes obituary for the Great Barrier Reef. Internet takes him all too seriously.

What a surprise.

Take Note 7

2.5 million exploding Samsung phones just got recalled. Now what?

Exploding Samsungs and jackless iPhones bring up a lot of big questions about recycling electronics.

recycle of life

Apple’s recycling robot wants your old iPhone. Don’t give it to him.

Recycling electronics is a messy business.

nobel sauvage (et al)

Nanotechnology just netted its first Nobel.

From transparent solar panels to tiny supercomputers, nanomaterials are just starting to move from sci-fi to real life.


A top climate scientist isn’t impressed with the world’s half-assed effort to save itself.

James Hansen thinks the landmark Paris Agreement is solid C-minus work.