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iffy league

Harvard is divesting from fossil fuels, sort of.

"I can’t say never, because never say never -- but I doubt that we would ever make a direct investment with fossil fuels.”

The beginning of the end

Britain just went a whole day without burning any coal for electricity.

That's a first since the Industrial Revolution -- and an indication of big changes for the better.

fair share

The technology that brought us Airbnb and Uber can do so much more

Urban policy professor Julian Agyeman says we need to rethink the idea of the "smart city."

Northern Light

A coal company just abandoned plans to ruin a river and a bunch of people’s lives in Alaska.

What would have been the state's largest strip mine is a no-go.

science unfair

These two bills would make it harder for the EPA to do good science.

The bills — recently passed by the House — in theory advocate for more transparency, but in practice would serve mainly to gum up the works at the agency. The HONEST Act — or the Honest and Open New EPA …


Good news about CO2: Emissions from the energy sector stayed flat for the third year in a row.

The biggest drop in CO2 emissions came in the United States, where emissions fell by 3 percent while the economy grew 1.6 percent.

downer under

Think you’ve had it rough this past year? You should hear what the Great Barrier Reef is dealing with.

“We didn’t expect to see this level of destruction to the Great Barrier Reef for another 30 years.”

of mice and men

Get ready for a whole lot more Lyme disease in the Northeast.

Eek! Climate change and fragmented landscapes are a nasty combination.

here be data

These maps show what Americans think about climate change.

A full 70 percent of survey respondents acknowledge that global warming is happening.