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sea it all

Finally, these celebrities get naked for fish

The British campaign Fishlove is pretty much what it sounds like: assorted naked celebrities expressing their love for the ocean's creatures, to raise awareness of overfishing.


Your pet gerbil is plotting your death

Gerbils, not rats, may be responsible for the plague that wiped out half of Europe in the 1300's. If you've ever met one, this should not surprise you.

Climate & Energy

Happy birthday, Papa Climate Change!

Celebrate the birthday of Svante Arrhenius, the guy who first figured out that all this fossil fuel burning might screw us over someday.

Climate & Energy

Now we can watch the oceans acidify in real time

This is a handy new tool for scientists, and a mesmerizing screensaver for the rest of us.


12 ways you and everyone you know could die

Scientists ranked humanity's worst existential threats, and guess who's at the top of the list? Our old pal, extreme climate change.

water music

Sea-level rise wins a Grammy even Kanye would approve of

Pulitzer-prize-winning composer John Luther Adams wrote an orchestral piece about ... sea-level rise. Here's what he thinks art can do for the environment.

what a moby dick

Whales, fed up with being fished, take revenge on fishermen

In Alaska, once overfished sperm whales are striking back against fishermen by eating all of their fish. This is one whale's tale.

the caviar of CSS

These magic CO2-dissolving capsules want to save the world

Scientists think they've found a new technology for pulling carbon from the air, and it looks like weird fish roe.

Sheer lunacy

Mining the moon is a thing that could actually happen

Here are three ways entrepreneurs are already planning to use the moon, from rocket fuel to rare elements.

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