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Song of Ice and Fire

Greenland has lost more ice in the last few years than we thought.

Scientists realize even more ice is melting into the oceans -- 7.6 percent more.

Spoiler Alert

Being a big fish in a small pond (or, uh, the ocean) could get you killed.

The bigger the sea creature, the more likely it is to go extinct, according to new research.

hurricane enablers

We’re getting more major hurricanes in the Atlantic than we used to.

The U.S. is just lucky it hasn't seen many hit land.

all the reef that's fit to print

Add “build coral reefs” to all the things 3D printers can do.

Australian architect James Gardiner wants to use 3D-printing technology to build a better reef.

Now you see ice ...

This is what near-record-low Arctic sea ice looks like.

Curdled milk.

Hot & Cold

“Climate change doesn’t exist,” they said, teeth chattering and blue thumbs gamely tweeting.

Winters are getting more extreme.

Epochs for Jocks

We’re not officially in the Anthropocene yet, because geologists move almost as slowly as geology.

How do we define the modern age? To be fair, there’s lots to figure out.

global weirding

The warmer it gets, the more it snows in Antarctica. Huh?

Counterintuitively, a warmer planet means more snow on the Southern Continent. And that's a good thing.


If you think technology has no place in the national parks, think again

From smartphones to webcams, technology could help us understand — and appreciate — parks in the coming century.