Amelia Urry

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Sound & Fury

Congressional climate deniers are getting called on their BS at town halls this week.

It turns out plenty of their constituents DO care about climate change, clean water, and environmental regulation.

reading the signs

On Sunday, hundreds of scientists took a break from doing science to rally in support of it.

Messages on nerdy signs included “Scientists are wicked smaht” and “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the precipitate.”

The future will be battery-powered

Inside the high-stakes race to build a better energy storage device.

March Madness

Mark your calendars! The March for Science is happening in D.C. on April 22.

This Earth Day, expect a lot of pissed-off scientists on the Mall.

Innovate, Don’t Discriminate

Trump’s ban puts a chill on science and cleantech

Says one Libyan-born U.S. scientist: “This looks bad to me right now … coming from someone who has seen bad.”

causation, not correlation

Trump tries to stifle science, and scientists rally to march on Washington.

Americans seem to be prepared to turn out for progressive causes at higher numbers than ever before.

What a record-breaking year! Sigh.

2016 will almost certainly be the warmest year humans have ever spent on the Earth’s surface.

backup plans

Totally chill scientists try to download government climate data before it disappears forever.

It's not like anyone thinks Trump's cabinet appointees will just delete or suppress valuable troves of data ... right?

failure to launch

Just what we need: A science denier in charge of the NASA transition.

Chris Shank's resume might make him sound qualified for the position -- but don't be misled.