Chip Giller

Chip Giller is founder and CEO of that crazy organization Grist.

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Help! Grist’s been struck by a curse [VIDEO]

Grist staff must speak aloud solely in verse. You can spring us from this lyrical chore! Just give Grist a buck, or a smidge more!

Meet Scott Rosenberg, Grist's new executive editor

We're excited that Scott Rosenberg is joining Grist. He's a co-founder of, founder of, and pioneer in online community-building.

Trashtivist: My garbage, in perspective

As I send my Trashtivist garbage bag off to the landfill, I wonder if that's the kind of protest that really makes a difference these days.


Trashtivist: Shameful soup stink

The take-out food is killing me. My trash bag smells like old lentil soup. But when you have kids, you have to feed them.


Trashtivist: Percy goes to the dump

The heaviest thing so far in my garbage bag is Percy. Poor, corroded Percy. You were a good train, but now it's time for the landfill.


Trashtivist: Where did the garbage go?

I want to tell you stories about my gross garbage. I really do. But so far, there's just not that much of it.

Trashtivist: Reliving my trashy past

Back in college, I carried my own trash around with me everywhere I went. Now, the Grist staff has challenged me to do it again.

Brie a hero for Grist

Dear Grist readers, Would you give $5 to have a platter full of green news, astute advice, and tips for taking action at your fingertips? Today, ONE DAY ONLY, we’re asking for your help. As the big cheese of Grist, I know there’s plenty of stuff to scare the holes out of your Swiss when it comes to the state of the planet, like a nuclear crisis looming in Japan, fracking’s effects on our water supplies, and the potential castration of the EPA. But at Grist, we see gouda things happening too. We’ve responded to your cries with stories of …

Saving the planet, one cruise at a time

Set a course for adventure …Photo: JemingwayOdd locations are not unusual for green-leaning conferences, but this one might take the cake. I’m en route to Miami for a conference aboard, ahem, a cruise ship. What better place to contemplate the fate of the Earth, ocean conservation, and ways to right the planet’s social ills than on a giant diesel-powered city of excess? (Conference organizers, WTF?) Leaving aside the venue, the conference looks to be amazing in a Fast Company-, Wired-sort-of way — lots of smart, highly successful, digitally wired superstars, all with an interest in making the world a better …

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