Chris Mooney

Chris Mooney is a science and political journalist, blogger, podcaster, experienced trainer of scientists in the art of communication, and the host of Climate Desk Live.

Only 28 percent of Fox News climate segments are accurate

A new report finds that MSNBC was the most accurate cable network in 2013, and CNN could be a lot more accurate if it would stop hosting "debates" about climate science.

Is this man the greenest governor in America?

If Jay Inslee succeeds in his ambitious climate and energy goals, the impacts will extend far beyond Washington state.

Best tax ever!

Here’s why B.C.’s carbon tax is super popular — and effective

Just before the economic collapse in 2008, the Canadian province passed a tax on carbon emissions. Five years later, it's a case study in smart climate policy.

Special Event

Gov. Jay Inslee on climate solutions in the Pacific Northwest

Also speaking at Climate Desk Live's April 1 Seattle event will be Grist's David Roberts and University of Washington College of the Environment Dean Lisa Graumlich.

Neil deGrasse Tyson on “Cosmos,” how science got cool, and why he doesn’t debate deniers

The host of the stunning new Fox series wants you to understand how science works.

Here are 5 examples of facts making people dumber

No surprises for anyone who's ever argued with a climate denier.

Is the Arctic really drunk, or does it just act like this sometimes?

The biggest debate in climate science may be over whether global warming will create more winters like this one. If you care about weather, you'd better care about the outcome.

New study: Internet trolls are often Machiavellian sadists

New science confirms what many of us already suspected about internet trolls.

Tinfoiled again: Why Donald Trump’s climate conspiracy theory doesn’t hold up

He apparently believes in a global cabal of conniving scientists.