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You look great in green: Clothing industry gets a makeover, maybe

Big retail companies -- from Adidas to Walmart -- are taking a deep look at the environmental impacts of their products.


From muumuu to Miu Miu: Turning thrift-store rejects into cute couture (SLIDESHOW)

Watch Jillian Owens transform old doozies into fashion do's.


H & Ahem: Cheap clothing hurts the planet, the economy, and your style

We are drowning in cheap clothes, says Elizabeth Cline. The author talks about the fashion industry's big problems -- and why the solutions are more fun than a trip to Forever 21, anyway.


Hot tram! Old trolleys are the new classic cars [SLIDESHOW]

After nearly going extinct in the ’60s, vintage streetcars are returning to the rails in downtowns from Philly to San Francisco. Here's what it looks like when mass transit goes retro.


Out of reach: How sprawl jacks up the cost of ‘affordable’ housing

We've poured billions in to low-income housing deep in the suburbs and far from mass transit. The result? Just getting to work and back and paying rent can gobble up half a family's income. Now, affordable housing is getting a facelift.


Love fast food, America? Well then, why don’t you marry it?

Pizza Hut is now offering a $10,010 proposal package. If you're going to try this, your relationship better be more solid than day-old stuffed crust cheese.


Seeing red: Where do the GOP candidates stand on urban issues?

For decades, the Republican strategy on cities has been to ignore them and hope they go away. This year appears to be no different, but the guys currently taking pot shots at each other in the presidential primary never cease to surprise.

Climate Change

An act of dog: Why climate change is like walking Fido [VIDEO]

Climate deniers in your family? They can't resist a video illustrating the relationship between climate change and weather with a man walking his dog.


Spies among us: Café Nordo’s sustainable dinner theater

Photo: John CornicelloI’m on Pan Am Flight 892, en route to the 1962 World’s Fair. Only this is no ordinary airline food, and there are spies slinking among the seats. This is To Savor Tomorrow, the latest production from Seattle theater company Cafe Nordo. It’s the company’s fourth foray into dinner theater — although I wince calling it that. Whereas the term conjures up mediocre food and mildly entertaining shlock, Nordo has a refreshing take on the form. Stewardess with “dwinkies”Photo: Alabastro PhotographyAlongside zany, gastronomic fare, made from local sustainable ingredients, they tell compelling stories that illuminate the very foods …

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