Darby Minow Smith

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Cut up your six-pack rings or seagulls will cut you

If you once accidentally discarded a set of six-pack rings and worried about strangling a turtle, you should be afraid for your own hide instead.

Blimey, it’s slimy: Meet fatberg, London’s 16.5-ton confluence of wet wipes and lard

Here's a cautionary tale that will ensure years of nightmares for chafed-butt children doing the dishes.

man on ipad late at night

How’d the present get so tense?

Technology is speeding up and dumbing down our world, argues Douglas Rushkoff in his latest book. Here's how to get our time back -- and use tech to clean up our polluted minds and planet.

Woody Harrelson

Woody Harrelson wants your paper to be less, well, woody

The actor and green activist talks about his non-traditional political views, Hollywood’s influence on environmental issues, and making non-wood paper.

Relatives mourn as they look for a garment worker, who is missing after the collapse of the Rana Plaza building in Savar, outside Dhaka May 2, 2013.

Fashion isn’t frivolous — it’s a matter of life and death

More than 1,100 people died in the Rana Plaza building collapse. It's time to start making connections between what we consume and what it takes to get it to us.

Of a Kind brings ‘know your farmer’ mentality to clothing

We rarely know where our clothing has been, who made it, or how it was dreamed up. This apparel site tells those tales.

How to explain the atmosphere with a soccer ball

The next time your climate-denying uncle says it's arrogant to assume people can affect the atmosphere, show him this.

Lose the girdle: Sustainable ‘Mad Men’ fashion for plus-sized awesome

Anslee Connell is one of the few full-figured designers making her fare out of recycled fabrics. And she hopes her work will empower women to feel good and do something awesome.

There must be 50 ways to share your sweater

We'd like to help you in your struggle to be free. Here's how to stop buying and start sharing, swapping, and renting clothes.