Emma Foehringer Merchant

#1 fan

What would Teddy Roosevelt have to say about new Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke?

Roosevelt likely would not be pleased by Zinke’s plans to dig up coal, oil, and gas on federal lands.

empty promises

Trump has no clue what it takes to ensure clean air and water.

In his address to Congress, the president made some nice-sounding promises. Too bad his actions undermine them.

A drinking problem

Trump is coming for your clean water.

This marks the first time Trump has formally pushed a regulatory change at the EPA, but it won't be the last.

Slash and burn

Trump plans to slash EPA’s budget and boost the military’s.

The White House wants to chop funding for climate programs in particular, though they're just a teeny-tiny fraction of defense spending.

You've got emails

Here are some of the most unnerving things we’ve read so far in those Pruitt emails.

You can now peruse thousands of emails from Scott Pruitt’s time as Oklahoma attorney general.

The calm before the storm

Scott Pruitt is making nice with EPA employees, but big changes are to come.

The agency will soon be charged with rolling back two major regulations on climate change and water pollution.

flint lives matter

Racism was a big factor in the Flint water crisis, a new report explains.

The Commission finds black residents of Flint have been failed at every level not just in the present, but for decades.

Erode goes ever on and on

Rising seas aren’t the only threat to coastlines

Erosion will make the West Coast even more vulnerable as bigger storms batter shores.

Make the ESA great again?

What would it mean to “modernize” the Endangered Species Act?

Nothing good, conservationists say.