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Greg Hanscom

Underwater cities

Greg Hanscom is a senior editor at Grist. He tweets about cities, bikes, transportation, policy, and sustainability at @ghanscom.


Ditch your car this week! We double-dog dare you

Around the world this week, people are spurning their cars in favor of buses, bikes, and their own two feet. Are you up for the challenge, America?


Mr. ‘Shrink the City’ goes to Washington

Dan Kildee, best known for his efforts to downsize Flint, Mich., is about to take his urban agenda to Congress.


Stacey Champion took on the Tea Party — and won

When an Arizona state legislator tried to sneak through a law banning Agenda 21 and all things “sustainable,” this local rabble-rouser made some serious noise. It’s what you have to do, she says, when you live in crazytown.


Urban naturalist: Molly Steinwald challenges city kids to find the wilderness in a sidewalk crack

City kids are often taught that nature is “out there,” beyond the city limits, but this biologist/photographer/educator says “everyday nature” has the power to transform.

Climate & Energy

The carbon tax, demystified

Taxes aren’t exactly popular, but the idea of using them to fight climate change is surprisingly resilient. Here’s a primer.


What other cities can learn from Seattle’s troubled ‘deep green’ building program

Three years ago, Seattle challenged developers to build the next generation of uber green buildings -- but few answered the call. What can we learn?


Elephants in the room: Urban poverty, climate change, and other problems we love to ignore

When times get tough, Americans seem incapable of having rational discussions about our most pressing issues. As a result, they’ve been erased from the political discourse. The implications are downright ugly.


Agenda 21: Everything you need to know about the secret U.N. plot, in one comic

Some Republicans and Tea Partiers want you to think that Agenda 21 is just your typical stealth campaign of “extreme environmentalism.” But when you’re finished reading the latest in Grist’s series, The Basics, you’ll be terrified.

Business & Technology

Next-level sh!t: Bill Gates has seen the future, and it is craptacular

Bill and Melinda Gates host the Super Bowl for the toilet of the future, inspiring some seriously space-age concraptions.

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