John Metcalfe

John Metcalfe is a staff writer at The Atlantic Cities.


New York City could be 9 degrees warmer and 39 inches wetter by 2080

And other alarming details from the city's latest climate change report.

Climate & Energy

Parts of Louisiana’s sunken coast are resurfacing

Is this an encouraging sign in the fight against rising sea levels?

Climate & Energy

This was an epic year for droughts, floods, and extreme weather

Extreme heat, record-breaking floods, and a terrifying tornado in oil country -- all in all, a year we can't afford to forget.


35 years of shrinking arctic ice, all in one graphic

The fingerprint of climate change is as visible here as the big letters on an eye chart.

Climate & Energy

Antarctic sea ice hits a record max, and that’s not good

The increase in ice may actually be a sign the warming continent is in trouble.

Climate & Energy

It’s a historic year for temperature extremes

In the U.S., we're living in two countries: one scourged by heat and the other bitten by cold.


The U.S. cities with the worst climate change-related flooding

Rising sea levels have kicked up flood days by as much as 900 percent along parts of the East Coast.

Climate & Energy

Whale poop may help fight climate change

Biologists say the majestic swimmers' "pump" mechanism filters the oceans of carbon.

Finding Emo

Ocean acidification could be creating friendless fish

As CO2 levels rise, coral-reef fish seem to lose the ability to recognize each other.

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