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The story of “ghost bikes”: How a bike memorial in St. Louis sparked a global movement

These white-painted bicycles show up in cities and towns all over the world. Here's where they came from, and what they mean.

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Ladies, sometimes it’s OK to have your burger and eat it, too

This Hump Day, go ahead and treat yo self with our crushes of the week.

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It’s halfway through 2015. Need some inspiration for those New Year’s resolutions?

Beat the heat with these chill ladies.

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Celebrate Independence Day with these rad women (and popsicles)

There's no better conversation starter than the sick things that women are doing in all the many green spheres that we love.

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Wage gap got you down? Get that money, honey

This Woman Crush Wednesday, we're talkin' ladies in STEM, the Equal Rights Amendment, and bees.

“The Sioux Chef” dishes on the past — and future — of Native American cuisine

Sean Sherman wants to bring Native American cuisine back to its roots.

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Meet the distractingly sexy women of science who just won the internet

Some are shoulder-deep in cow rectums, and we're crushin' on 'em!

California kids may not have to worry about pesticides at school anymore

Pesticide use near school zones isn't just an isolated health risk -- it's been an ongoing environmental justice issue across California.

Seattle: City of the Future

Can Seattle’s restaurants survive the new $15 minimum wage?

Restaurant owners embrace -- and worry about -- Seattle's new minimum wage hike.