Patrick Mazza

Patrick Mazza is an independent journalist-researcher-activist focused on climate and global sustainability. He was formerly research director at Climate Solutions, and a founder of the group. Currently he serves as a member of 350 Seattle's governing hub and co-facilitator of its Sustainable Solutions Workgroup. His blog is Cascadia Planet.

How we can turn railroads into a climate solution

A new proposal calls for electrifying railroads, running them on renewable energy, and using rail corridors as clean-power superhighways.

Guest post

How a climate-friendly flour company built a flourishing market

Portland-based Shepherd’s Grain sells not only high-quality flour. It also sells the story of no-till farming.

Why I blocked an oil train — and why you should engage in climate disobedience too

The shock of nonviolent civil disobedience is needed to make our political system function again.

piles of money in sky
To market, to market -- or not to market

The climate movement is way too focused on market-based solutions

To win the climate war, we need government investment in new technologies and industries. A carbon tax or a carbon cap won't do the trick on its own.

Digging deep to uncover biocarbon’s advantages for farmers

Filed under: Northwest Biocarbon Initiative, NBI, biocarbon, carbon, home, agriculture Soaking carbon from the atmosphere into farm soils is a widely advocated climate solution. A new Australian study kicks dirt all over the idea. Carbon markets would not provide sufficient …

Uniting Cascadia: The forest biocarbon connection

The Pacific Northwest possesses a singular regional identity, one of the strongest in North America.  A large portion of the population is here by choice, opting to move here or to stay here despite the lure of opportunities elsewhere. But …

I have a great world dream

Filed under: federal, Climate Change, home When I visit Washington, DC my favorite place to hang out is the Lincoln Memorial.  With the great statue of Lincoln overlooking the mall, his great words inscribed into the walls on either side, …

Do frightened grasshoppers increase carbon storage in grasslands?

Filed under: grasslands, NBI, biocarbon, carbon, natural systems Do frightened grasshoppers increase carbon storage in grasslands?  It appears the answer is yes, according to Yale Forestry School research that shows grasslands where grasshoppers are afraid of being eaten by spiders retain …

British farmland missing huge natural benefits potential

Filed under: biocarbon, NBI, agriculture Patrick Mazza, Research Director By Patrick Mazza Climate Solutions Farm support programs that target only food production miss huge opportunities to generate natural benefits, a new British study documents. A team led by Ian J. …