Philip Bump

Philip Bump wrote about the news for Gristmill. He now writes for The Atlantic Wire.

Miners bussed to Romney rally obviously hate Obama, Fox points out

Fox Nation declares that Ohio miners have "turned on" Obama after the mine workers' boss busses them to a Romney rally.

The Midwest gets some rain, as the Mississippi keeps emptying

Rain is bringing relief from the drought, at a pace that will have us back to normal by early 2014.

Why are you running away, offshore drilling? All Obama wants is a hug

The president is trying to embrace offshore drilling in this election year. Instead, he's getting unfairly blamed for the industry's problems.

An idea for something to do this weekend

Almost 40 percent of Americans don't walk more than 10 minutes a week. Come on, America, take a walk!

The backwards, inside-out politics of Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, and coal

The presidential candidates are sparring over the dirtiest of fossil fuels, but the debate isn't nearly as straightforward as it seems.

Deadly Salmonella outbreak in Kentucky linked to cantaloupe

Wash your melons, gang.

Lower river levels threaten New Orleans water supply

But, on the plus side: a lower Missouri River also exposed a sunken boat. So, you know. Not all bad.

U.S. CO2 emissions from power production hit 20-year low

Increased use of natural gas gets a lot of the credit for falling carbon dioxide levels.

Climate change is messing with tropical fish, people in Australia

Climate change is already screwing up Australia's ocean environment, warming the waters, raising the sea levels, and confusing the sea critters.