Samantha Larson

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Nothin' But A Green Thang

He’s young, green, Latino, openly gay — and the mayor of Long Beach

Robert Garcia, the mayor of Long Beach, talks cars, the port, and why green is second nature for him.

Walk The Walk

Meet a climate marcher

Couldn't make the People's Climate March? Meet a few who did -- and learn what they were fighting for.


Hacker houses offer shared living for the young, green, and tech-obsessed

Forget the commune: Across the country, new kinds of co-living spaces are trying to disrupt economies and transform city life.


This woman has spent almost a year underwater. Here’s why she’s your new hero

Star scientist Sylvia Earle dives deep in a splashy new Netflix doc about oceans.

Climate & Energy

Fracking operations get even closer to drinking water sources than we thought

A new study reports that oil and gas companies frack at much shallower depths than they want you to know -- and much closer to water you might want to drink some day.

Almond Joy

America’s favorite nut is bad for water, good for cows

U.S. almond demand has grown by more than 220 percent since 2005.


The U.S. firefighting budget is almost gone, but the forests are still burning

We're throwing so much money at fighting wildfires, there will be little left over for prevention.

Paint it Green

Don’t worry, Californians can paint their dead lawns green

Now that Californians can get fined $500-a-day for overwatering their lawns, businesses that paint lawns green are expanding.

Climate & Energy

We’ve dug so many tunnels, future historians will think we were mole people

Tunnels, mines, and boreholes will permanently scar the Earth -- and could be a marker of the Anthropocene.