Suzanne Goldenberg

Suzanne Goldenberg is the U.S. environment correspondent of the Guardian.

Arctic sea ice hits a new low in June

Ice cover disappeared at an average rate of 29,000 miles a day.

Rising seas are lapping at the doors of Trump’s real estate empire

"You're fired!" says the ocean.

Luxury Arctic cruise ship sets sail. What could go wrong?

The loss of Arctic sea ice cover has spurred a sharp rise in shipping traffic -- as well as coast guard rescue missions.

Obama and Trudeau promise to lead the transition to a low-carbon global economy

The U.S. and Canada committed to a range of climate actions, such as cutting emissions and protecting indigenous communities.

The Paris climate talks: Yes oui can!

How U.S. negotiators made the Paris climate deal Republican-proof

White House officials helped craft a deal Republicans wouldn't be able to stop -- and the effort required major political capital.

The Paris climate talks: Yes oui can!

U.S. pledges more money to help clear the way for a climate deal in Paris

John Kerry promised $861 million in aid to countries on the frontlines of climate change.

The Paris climate talks: Yes oui can!

Is Saudi Arabia trying to sabotage the Paris climate talks?

One of the world’s largest oil producers is getting in the way of a deal, delegates and campaigners say.

Bernie Sanders has a big new plan to fight climate change

Sanders' plan proposes a carbon tax, deeper emissions cuts, and investment in clean energy.

Obama: At least some of the Paris climate deal must be legally binding

The president said that countries should be held accountable to periodic reviews of emissions targets.