Ted Alvarez

We just had a record-breaking wildfire season. Is that climate change?

An on-the-charred-ground report of this year’s massive wildfires — and what we had to do with them.

David Shiffman
The Shark Wrangler

That 15-foot-long tiger shark need wrestling? Leave it to the pros

You probably aren't going to tango with a tiger shark anytime soon -- but David Shiffman does it on a weekly basis, for science.

Public Stewart

Jon Stewart gets in one last great dig at climate deniers

National treasure Jon Stewart says farewell to "The Daily Show" with a lesson on spotting that most constant enemy: bullshit.

Dino Another Day

In which we talk “Jurassic World,” GMOs, and bad science

The newest "Jurassic Park" movie has has genetically modified monsters, hot dino-wranglers, and a brain the size of a walnut.

More Like Pacific Northworst


Sure, you'll be safe from the majority of climate disasters, but the people out here are just. the. worst.

Game of Knowns

If Game of Thrones’ murderous ice zombies don’t make you care about climate change, we give up

A recent episode of Game of Thrones made a pretty compelling argument for climate action. Warning: Some general spoilers!

Mad Max: Fury Road may be the Anthropocene at its worst — but it makes for pretty sick cinema

In Mad Max: Fury Road, humanity has done the irrevocable damage it had long been warned about, and now lives out its final days in mayhem.

ticked off

Ticks are spreading — and so is Lyme disease

Warming temperatures expand the range of ticks, lengthen the season, and increase the chances of one giving you Lyme disease. Shudder.

the Bear Bones Approach

Watch John Oliver introduce our obscene new Earth Day mascot

John Oliver proposes a new mascot for Earth Day we can all get behind: Marshmallow, the polar bear with a broken penis.