Jon Stewart’s celebrated 16-year-run on The Daily Show ended last night in part with a spirited lesson on how to spot his most constant adversary: bullshit. As he says, “bullshit is everywhere” making bad things sound like good things — and Americans everywhere have turned to Stewart to help us point our shovels in the right direction.

Climate deniers are bullshit superusers who regularly pile it high and deep to block action on climate change, as he noted by paraphrasing them thusly:

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We can’t take action on climate change until everyone in the world agrees gay marriage vaccines won’t cause our children to marry goats who are going to come for our guns. Until then, I say teach the controversy.


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You know what’s bullshit? Jon telling the world that he’s leaving to spend time with his family or pursue other artistic interests. We both know it’s time to brush aside all the jealousy, the affairs, and spend some time rediscovering our true passions: each other. Come home, Jonny.