Terry Tamminen

Terry Tamminen is the former secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency and is now a policy adviser and author. His latest book is Watercolors: How JJ the Whale Saved Us.

We don't need no education

Close the public schools — that's the answer to our deficit problems

Every state in the US is struggling with huge budget deficits -- over $20 billion in California and Texas. Here's a solution: Close all public schools

No thanks to Tom Hanks

'Cracking the Carbon Code' — Can the movie be far behind?

Here it comes -- a shameless self-promotion for my new book, Cracking the Carbon Code: The Key to Sustainable Profits in the New Economy.

A Lapel Pin With a Purpose

After 9/11, every politician in America quickly donned an American flag lapel pin. Even nine years later, the patriotism of public officials who fail to wear the pin is called into question, while others are called hypocritical if they wear the pin while opposing things like legislation to give health benefits to 9/11 first responders. Could there be a pin that is unquestionably patriotic and that simultaneously makes the world a better place? This week, CBS EcoMedia will unveil a lapel pin for advertising, a small leaf on something they call “eco-ads”. It works like this – – a typical …

Eyes on a Clean Energy Prize

The Zayed Future Energy Prize is $2.2 million equivalent of a Nobel Prize for clean, sustainable energy recognizing individuals, non-profits, and companies that are doing the most to commercialize and distribute renewable energy to replace fossil fuels and cut pollution. There are two remarkable things about this prize – – it is sponsored by an oil-rich government in the Middle East and the six finalists in 2011 include this author. Yes, I was humbled to be nominated for the prize that will be awarded next January 18th, possibly to join the company of the first winner of the prize in …

Kristianstad + Cancun = A New Economy

Nearly 200 nations made modest advances in Cancun, Mexico last week towards a new agreement on tackling carbon pollution and modernizing global economies. The incremental progress obscures a bigger question – – can any set of goals, policies, or technologies wean the world off of fossil fuels before the cheap ones run out or before we run out of clean air and a human-friendly atmosphere? The answer may be on the other side of the globe in Kristianstad, Sweden. Like the hopeful delegates in Cancun, officials in Kristianstad pledged a decade ago to power the city entirely from renewable resources …

Climate Change Deniers Will Go Hungry Too

Trying to get investors and policymakers to focus on things we can all agree on, such as saving energy and money or creating domestic renewable energy jobs, I have refused to engage the climate change skeptics. After all, it’s somewhat irrelevant whether global warming is caused by humans if the measures to change that trajectory are good for the economy anyway, right? But recent news and forecasts of trends make it even clearer that we are all in this fragile, sinking vessel together and it’s no longer enough to avoid the fundamental cause. It’s official – – 2010 was one …

keep on pushin'

Beware of drug pushers in Cancun

Beneath so much apparent agreement in Cancun lies the real truth -- some of its loudest delegates also those pushing for dirty coal.

R20 – A Carbon Rebel Alliance

A long, long time ago…in a galaxy far, far away…a group of states and provinces banded together in frustration that their national governments were held hostage by Big Oil & Coal and had been unable to break free to harness the economic development opportunities presented by renewable energy, alternative fuels, energy efficiency, and carbon markets. Led by a cyborg sent from the future, this can-do group of policymakers, smart businesses, non-profits, and investors created a new paradigm for achieving energy independence, saving vast sums of money, and putting their citizenry to work again. Because someone had already used “Rebel Alliance”, …

look on the bright side

Advice for a carbon-powered Congress

At least three oracles offer a different vision for our carbon-powered Congress to follow that may result in more jobs and a faster economic recovery.

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